Federally Funded Grant: Collaborative University Training in School Psychology and ESE (OS175)

  • PMD: 4,5
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Session 9: Issues in School Psychology, Education, and Supervision
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Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. learn to identify, analyze, and evaluate the components of a graduate, personnel preparation program that addresses NASP and CEC standards.
  2. develop action plans for enhancement of collaborative, personnel preparation programs focused on data-based individualization to address social–emotional, academic, and behavioral needs of ESE students.
  3. understand components of research and development of a graduate program that collaboratively prepares school psychologists and ESE teachers.


This presentation is a description of a federally funded $1.25-million personnel preparation grant project that collaboratively trains preservice school psychologists and ESE teachers (i.e., university scholars). These university scholars learn together how to design and implement research-based instruction and intervention to advance favorable social–emotional learning and academic pre-K–12 student outcomes. During this presentation, the proposal process, course content, resources, products, and preliminary outcomes from this personnel preparation grant will be shared.



Oliver W. Edwards, University of Central Florida
Mary Little, University of Central Florida
Dena Slanda, University of Central Florida

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