Self-Compassion–Based Intervention and Assessment With Youth

This session is from the NASP 2021 Annual Convention

  • PMD: 4
  • Skill Level: Introduction
  • Session 6: Recent Developments in Assessment and Research

Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. understand what the literature suggests in regards to self-compassion-based intervention for youth.
  2. understand what the literature suggests in regards to how to properly assess for self-compassion with youth.
  3. understand how researching self-compassion-based intervention and assessment is well-suited for the school environment.
  4. understand how the construct of self-compassion offers a unique potential for common mechanism of change research within school-based youth psychotherapy.


Youth-based self-compassion literature focusing on intervention and assessment, though in its infancy, has suggested promising results. Within this presentation, we will be highlighting these results, explaining why the school environment is well-suited for future self-compassion investigations, and exploring how the construct of self-compassion is uniquely opportune for common mechanism of change research. Practitioners will also come away with knowledge about specific self-compassion interventions and assessments they can employ within schools.



John D. Barr, Utah State University
Thomas K. Franzmann, Utah State University
Tyler Renshaw, Utah State University


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