Association Between Writing Productivity, Writing Apprehension, and Grit

This session is from the NASP 2021 Annual Convention

  • PMD: 3
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Session 5: Promoting Academic Success

Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. use developmentally appropriate measures of writing apprehension and grit.
  2. understand the relationship between students’ self-perceptions of factors associated with writing performance.
  3. apply theoretical writing models in understanding the types of writing difficulties commonly experienced by students struggling in their schools.


National assessments have demonstrated many students in the United States are struggling in writing. In this poster presentation, attendees will be provided with the results from study that examined the relationship between third-grade students’ writing productivity, writing apprehension, and grit. Attendees will be provided with the newly developed measures that assess writing apprehension and grit among young students.



Tanya L. Eckert, Syracuse University
Tanya L. Eckert, PhD, Syracuse University
Joshua J. Circe, Syracuse University
Alec R. Goldstein, Syracuse University


Brittany Eggleston

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