Relax, Breathe, and Do Math: Interventions to Address Math Anxiety

This session is from the NASP 2021 Annual Convention

  • PMD: 3,4
  • Skill Level: Introduction
  • Session 5: Promoting Academic Success

Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. identify risk factors, symptoms, and negative outcomes associated with math anxiety.
  2. identify key targets of math anxiety interventions.
  3. develop a framework for ameliorating math anxiety in school-aged children.


Identifying and addressing early indicators of poor math achievement is a vital component in supporting students’ long-term academic success. One such indicator is math anxiety. This presentation will describe a systematic review of the current status of math anxiety interventions for elementary school students. Participants will learn the symptoms, risk factors, and underlying causes of math anxiety, along with best practices for selecting and implementing evidence-based math anxiety interventions.



Abigail Goodridge, Northeastern University
Emily E. Hill, Northeastern University
Robin S. Codding, Northeastern University
Robert J. Volpe, Northeastern University

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