Psychometric Analysis of Behavior Screening Data in Elementary Schools

This session is from the NASP 2021 Annual Convention

  • PMD: 1,6
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Session 6: Recent Developments in Assessment and Research

Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. identify common practices in behavior screening at the elementary level.
  2. discover methods for examining screening data to identify best practices in their unique contexts.
  3. examine screening data to ensure equitable practices and interpretations of data in their schools/districts.


The Student Risk Screening Scale for Internalizing and Externalizing behaviors (SRSS-IE) is a promising tool for screening children who may be at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). This session will explore common screening practices recommended for utilizing SRSS-IE behavior screening data at the elementary level. Additionally, we will present ideas for how to examine screening data to ensure that equitable practices and procedures are in place when recommending supports for students in need.



Sara Moulton, Brigham Young University
Ellie Young, Brigham Young University

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