Contributing Factors to Relational and Physical Aggression in Girls (PO361)

  • PMD: 4,8
  • Skill Level: Introduction
  • Session 2: Promoting Social and Emotional Development
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    Tuesday, February 23, 2021
    2:45 PM–3:45 PM
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Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. identify contributing factors of relational and physical aggression in girls.
  2. learn about peer victimization's impact on the development of physical aggression.
  3. learn about racial differences in girls' perpetration of aggression.


In order to identify possible risk and protective factors of aggression, we analyzed levels of relational and physical aggression, as well as experiences of peer victimization in middle-school girls. Results suggest the important role of race and peer victimization in the development of relational aggression into perpetration of physical aggression. As a result from the investigation of this novel relationship, this study will inform practitioners of the benefits of social-problem solving and potential policy changes.



Elizabeth Day, University of Georgia
Sycarah Fisher, University of Georgia

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