The Leadership in Action Spotlight Initiative
Identifying Examples of Schools, Districts, and States Improving Practice

An important component to advancing NASP’s Strategic Goals is identifying and sharing examples of school districts and states engaging in efforts to improve practice that aligns with our goals and, also in the near term, our priorities related to ESSA implementation. The Leadership in Action Spotlight initiative seeks to elicit and disseminate stories of schools and districts engaged in this work, as well as to shine a light on school psychologists leading change—often the behind the scenes work—that facilitates better systems, capacity building, and inclusive communications.

Many school psychologists throughout the country use their role to improve practice and expand their role, which ultimately impacts the children and youth they serve. By aggregating these stories and describing the processes involved, NASP hopes to provide school psychologists with both inspiration and concrete examples they can use to advocate for their critical role in promoting children’s mental and behavioral health.

Please use this form to provide key pieces of information to the best of your knowledge, and a member of the Communications Committee will follow up to gather additional information.

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