Self-Assessment for School Psychologists

This self-assessment tool was created by NASP to help you focus attention on your individual work activities in terms of the 10 domains outlined in the Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services (PDF), also referred to as the Practice Model. The Practice Model and this corresponding self-assessment are intended to highlight the skills and services that might reasonably be expected to be available from most school psychologists. Given the myriad barriers to implementation, not all school psychologists or school systems will be able to meet every standard or conduct all functions contained within this document. Completion of this self-assessment can help draw attention to the time devoted to various activities in your current role and the perceived importance of those activities, point out areas needing additional professional development, and establish goals for expanding your current role. Your responses can be saved to allow users to complete the self-assessment in more than one sitting.

School Psychologists showing evidence of having taken the NASP Self-Assessment for School Psychologists and completing the NASP Professional Growth Plan can receive one NASP-Approved CPD credit each year, for up to three (3) CPD credits per NCSP renewal cycle. For the purposes of NCSP renewal, this would be categorized as a self-study activity (Category H.).

Use of the Results Data

A personalized summary will automatically be generated for you after you have completed the survey. Rest assured that your responses will be kept strictly confidential. NASP will use the data aggregated by state or ratio to plan professional development activities and better understand how ratios affect practice. Your identity will not be associated with your responses in any way. Users may complete the self-assessment multiple times and access previous summary reports for comparison, progress monitoring, and self-reflection.

Please contact Dr. Nick Affrunti, NASP Director of Research, if you have any questions.

NASP 2020 Standards


The NASP 2020 standards are a unified set of national principles that guide graduate education, credentialing, professional practices, and ethical behavior of effective school psychologists.

NASP Practice Model

Domains of Practice:

The NASP Practice Model delineates skills and services available from school psychologists across 10 domains of practice.