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PlaceholderSchool Psychology Review (SPR) is a refereed journal published quarterly by NASP. Its primary purpose is to provide a means for communicating scholarly advances in research, training, and practice related to psychology and education, and specifically to school psychology.

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Current Issue

School Psychology Unified Anti-Racism Statement and Call to Action
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 209-211

Ongoing Practice Opportunities as a Method for Maintaining Reading Intervention Effects
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 212-221

Racial Fairness, School Engagement, and Discipline Outcomes in African American High School Students: The Important Role of Gender
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 222-238

Does Teacher Emotional Exhaustion and Efficacy Predict Student Discipline Sanctions?
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 239-255

Teachers’ Use and Beliefs About Praise: A Mixed-Methods Study
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 256-274

A Peer-Delivered Intervention for High School Students With Impairing ADHD Symptoms
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 275-290

The Moderating Role of Ethnic Identity on the Relationship Between School Climate and Self-Esteem for African American Adolescents
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 291-305

A Comparison of CBM-WE Scoring Metrics and Progress Monitoring Frequency Among Second-Grade Students
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 306-320

Outcomes of a Vocabulary Intervention Implemented by Community AmeriCorps Members
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 321-332

An Evaluation of 504 and Individualized Education Programs for High School Students With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Volume 49, Issue 3, 2020, Page 333-345

Evaluating English Learner Progress in Reading: How Much Growth Can We Expect?

Toward a More Comprehensive Evaluation of Interventions: A Dose-Response Curve Analysis of an Explicit Timing Intervention

Typical Rates of Regression After Exiting Supplemental Interventions in Reading

SPR Special Topic
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imgSchool Psychology Review (SPR) invites all scholars to submit manuscripts for upcoming Special Topic Sections. These Special Topic sections address critical issues in the field and are designed to advance both practice and research.

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