Telepractice to Provide an Academic Intervention During COVID-19


  • Berenice Saez, Telepractice to Provide an Academic Intervention During COVID-19, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Daniel McCleary, Assistant Professor, Stephen F. Austin State U


This study intended to determine if an evidence-based academic intervention is effective when implemented via telepractice (i.e., Zoom). Given the difficulty during a pandemic to deliver academic interventions in traditional ways, it is relevant to explore the effectiveness of interventions via telepractice. Specifically, the intervention used a single-subject design to evaluate the effectiveness of cover-copy-compare (CCC), explicit timing (ET), and positive reinforcement to improve math skills. In summary, the student showed growth toward goals on target skills, and the intervention can be considered effective. These results indicated that CCC, ET, and positive reinforcement are effective at improving DCPM and accuracy via telepractice. Future studies can continue to investigate the use of telepractice to deliver academic interventions.

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