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Current Group: December 2022

test Teleconsultation with Caregivers of Children with or At-Risk for Disabilities
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced caregivers, educators, and mental health professionals to creatively address new and pre-existing child social-emotional and behavioral concerns. This study suggests a teleconsultation service may be useful and accessible for caregivers. While COVID-19 related stress likely played a role in attrition and losing contact with caregivers, future research should consider how to mitigate these factors. Nevertheless, this study suggests that school psychologists are well equipped to provide teleconsultation services to caregivers in order to promote family, school, and community collaboration.
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test Characteristics of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Schools: A Systematic Review
Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) are increasingly implemented in schools; however little is known about aspects of MBI implementation or what mindfulness skills improve as a result of the intervention. The current study systematically reviewed empirical articles from nine school psychology journals (2006 to 2020) that implemented MBIs in schools. The type of intervention implemented, mindfulness techniques taught, fidelity of implementation, and mindfulness skill growth for students were examined. Attendees will learn about MBI implementation in schools.
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test Suicide Among Black Girls: Addressing the Growing Mental Health Crisis
Suicide rates have increased over the past decade, with young girls of color significantly adding to the trend. Black girls in particular are taking the lead with an increase of over 182% in the last twenty years (Price & Khubchandani, 2019). This mental health crisis appears to be “hiding in plain sight” (Alessandrini, 2021) and there is little research on what is causing this increase and how to prevent it. This poster presentation will address the crisis, explore the factors that contribute to Black girl suicide, and provide interventions that school psychologists and school-based professionals can employ to help respond to the crisis. Keywords: suicide, Black girls, mental health, school-based professionals
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test Strategies to Advocate for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
School psychologists have an integral role in promoting the inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students in public schools. This is achieved through consulting with the teachers, working with parents and families, and promoting the addition of professionals with expertise in hearing loss are included on the student’s team. As a result of attending this presentation, school psychologists will gain the necessary tools to advocate for this population of students.
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test Arts-Based Mindfulness and School Connectedness in Racially Diverse Elementary Students
How can mindfulness improve school climate for racially diverse students? This study found that BIPOC students who participated in an arts-based mindfulness intervention reported higher levels of school connectedness compared to their white peers. The intervention provided participants with a means to reduce anxiety and share art with their school community. Practitioners will learn about the potential benefits of arts-based mindfulness, particularly for BIPOC students, who tend to report lower levels of school connectedness.
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test Self-esteem and Self-forgiveness on Depressive Symptoms Among Victims of Bullying
When victims attribute the cause of bullying to a stable quality within themselves, they may be more likely to blame themselves and experience negative mental health symptoms, including depression, loneliness, and social anxiety and continued bullying victimization (Graham & Juvonen, 1998). This raises the possibility that self-forgiveness and self-esteem could play a protective role for victims of bullying. This study explored self-forgiveness and self-esteem as protective roles in the relationship between past experiences of bullying and current depressive symptoms. A partial moderated-mediation model was significant, where the overall effect on the outcome variable (depressive symptoms) by the predictor (bullying experience) is not fully explained by the moderated-mediator variable (i.e., the direct effect, ‘c’, is significant). Results demonstrated that self-esteem was a significant mediator, and self-forgiveness moderated the relationship between self-esteem and depressive outcomes. Implications for future interventions are discussed.
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test The Future of Skill Generalization: Using Wearables with Adolescents
This poster session provides preliminary evidence from a pilot study that investigated wearables as a tool for skill generalization and stress reduction in adolescents. The information provided is ideal for researchers interested in integrating wearables into their own research, as well as practitioners curious about how to leverage the features of wearables for the well-being of students who own them.
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test Timeline of Emerging Behavioral and Reading Difficulties in Young Children
Elementary students can have reading and behavioral problems. This study will investigate whether reading or behavioral problems are identified first in a sample of over 9,000 children. For students who experience both problems during elementary school, we expect it will be more likely that reading problems are identified before behavioral problems. These data will inform behavioral interventions and reading skill remediation efforts (e.g., applying positive interventions that are acceptable to students).
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test Examining the Impact of Covid-19 on College Students' Experience
The Covid-19 pandemic has altered higher education as students have had to adjust their daily activities, modify their social interactions, and adapt to a new learning environment. The purpose of the current study was to obtain information regarding students experiences in their daily routines, social interactions, work/life balance, and overall school/learning experience prior to, during, and within the last two weeks of the global pandemic. Implications for college students and universities will be discussed.
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test Heightening Teacher’s Comfort Working with Transgender Youth Through Professional Development
Transgender students often struggle with their identity and often hide in fear of social rejection heightening their chances of victimization and self-harm. Lack of training leads teachers to not know how to work with and advocate for transgender youth. A professional development training was developed to assess current awareness and overall comfort level working within the population. Presenters will share outcomes of professional development training and discuss implications for helping teachers within the school-setting.
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test School Connectedness and the Suicide Crisis
Rates of youth suicide are rising rapidly, eliciting the need for further research regarding protective factors. The current examined the relationship between adolescent dating violence and suicidal ideation using school connectedness as a protective factor using secondary data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (n=3985). Results and implications for school psychologists are discussed at length, as well as directions for future research.
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