Special thanks is given to Linda Morgan, Production Director at NASP, and Brieann Kinsey, Editorial Production Manager. This publication would not be of the same quality if not for their endless energy, superb organizational skills, eye for details (and errors), and perfectionism. Linda's kind guidance and support throughout all phases and aspects of production deserve particular recognition and appreciation. We greatly appreciated the exceptional copyediting by Kathy Kelly, and especially her patience working with the authors and editors in copyediting drafts of 87 handouts. Without her meticulous copyediting, the handouts would be less readable and useful for teachers and parents.

Thanks to Denise Ferrenz, Director of Publications, and the NASP Publications Committee, led by Dr. Kara McGoey, who saw the need for this publication. Denise also provided valuable guidance throughout the development and production of this publication.

The greatest appreciation is given to the many authors, over 200, of the handouts and those who served as reviewers. Finally, we want to recognize and thank the editors of the three editions of Helping Children at Home and School handouts: Andrea S. Canter, Leslie Z. Paige, Steven Shaw, Mark D. Roth, Ivonne Romero, and Servio A. Carroll. Although this publication differs markedly from those editions, they clearly helped establish a need for practical, evidence-based handouts for school and home.