From George Bear:

As always, to my wife, Patti, for her everlasting patience, support, and love for over 47 years. For this book, also to our four wonderful grandbears (and their parents): Reagan Ann Bear, Susan Bay Bear, Madison Grace Bear, and Jackson Albert Bear. May you stay forever young, may your talents always shine, and may you one day find a handout or two useful as a teacher or parent. Finally, to Winne the Pooh—her golden retriever attitude, and her demands and adventures as a puppy, helped keep me smiling, healthy, and sane.

From Kathleen Minke:

This volume is dedicated to the steadfast, energetic, and creative school psychologists who work every day to help children thrive, often in difficult circumstances and without recognition for all you do.There is no more important work than making a difference in the lives of students, teachers, and families. I also would like to thank my partner in all things, Bob Sekinger. On to the next adventure!