Best Practices in Assessing and Intensifying Early Writing Instruction

This session is from the NASP 2022 Annual Convention

  • CPD: 3
  • PMD: 1,3
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Learner Objectives

This session will help participants…

  1. gain skills in administering and scoring curriculum-based measures (CBMs) in the area of written expression, including measures of word- and sentence-level CBMs to assess beginning writing skills;
  2. learn about decision-making rules that can be used with early writing instruction and understand two tools that can be used to intensify writing instruction: a decision-making rubric and intensification guide;
  3. learn the hierarchy of writing skill acquisition and be provided with a checklist to help pinpoint students’ areas of deficit;
  4. practice generating hypotheses for why a student is not responding to writing instruction and ways to intensify instruction to meet students’ needs; and
  5. more precisely address the significant learning needs of students from underserved populations.


Many educators find it difficult to assess and individualize writing instruction. Thus, it is critical for school psychologists to support teachers in collecting and using data to make effective instructional changes when writing instruction does not meet students’ needs. Participants will gain skills in administration and scoring of early-writing curriculum-based measures (CBMs), analysis of writing skill deficits, and use of decision-making tools to make timely and effective changes to increase students’ rate of writing skill improvement.



Erica Lembke
Nicole McKevett
Lizzie McCollom
Mallory A. Stevens
Katya J. Sussman


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